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Plasma and gas cutting of metal sheet

We offer sheet metal cutting services (plate shaped smoking) on the two cutters CNC Eckert Amber-2 (gas, thickness of 5-150 mm, and plasma, thickness of 2-15 mm, dimension of tables 2500x6000 mm). As a supplement to the cutting offer, we offer drawing services .dwg cutting details and complicated plans for the pruner.

Mechanical treatment of steel

We offer steel mechanical services in the range of:

  • Machining and cutting tools on universal lathes in the range φmax 600mm, Lmax 2000mm
  • CNC milling, max. Processed part (XYZ): 1000mm x 550mm x 625mm
  • Sheet metal bending press, pressure up to 400 tons, bending length up to 3800mm
  • Threading, drilling, sawing
  • Straightening of the plate surface by means of a hydraulic press brake
  • Cylindrical grinding in the range φmax 200mm, Lmax 1000mm

Welding steel structures

We offer welding services of low-alloy general purpose steel and increased arc strength in protective gas shielding.

We have modern welding stations that allow you to:

  • MIG welding
  • MAG welding

We guarantee the highest quality welds.

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